Being a big old house, we have big old gardens.


The gardens are dominated by 70ft date palms which add to the old world elegance of the House.

Gardening is always a work in progress and we are spending our spare time renovating the old rose beds and planting many old fashioned species.

If you are an animal lover, Beverley House is home to a selection of birds who, believe it or not, live harmoniously with our cat ‘The chairman Meow’ and Ruby the miniature schnauzer. All the animals love toast and jam if you would like to share!

Always feel free sit out on the Balcony or your private porch and enjoy a wine and the lovely Beverley House garden.

For your convenience there is a complementary BBQ under the trees, a perfect setting for some outdoor dining.



Beverley House offers guests off-street, under-cover parking 
in the grounds. Many guests enjoy abandoning their car for the weekend and walking to restaurants, wine bars and theatre during their stay.